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Welcome to the ForJars website
Here you will find everything you need to know about conservation.
But first, let's tell you a little about ourselves:
Benefits of Canning
Basic Rules for canning
ForJars Canning Lids

Our company was founded not so long ago, so we are full of energy, new ideas and the desire to be useful. We are not just a team โ€“ we are a family that has come together to bring benefits to the world. And we make every effort to make you happy. We appreciate every visitor to our site.
Remembering how as a child we savored our mother's and grandmother's twists, we felt the care and love of the hands that created them, I want these attempts to continue.
Now each of us has children, and our task is to take care of their proper and healthy nutrition.
Benefits of Canning:
Even nutritionists recognize that canned food has benefits. Minerals, such as magnesium and calcium, which are important for humans, are almost completely preserved in canned vegetables. There is also such a useful substance - lycopene, which is found in large quantities in tomatoes, as well as vegetables and fruits with a red tint, and lycopene is known for breaking down fats and having antioxidant properties. In turn, beta-carotene helps the body maintain cell integrity, generally fights aging, strengthens the immune system and also has antioxidant properties.
Home preservation is not only about enjoying the taste of your favorite vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and other products, but also about making sure that everything in the jar is natural, washed and delicious.
Basic Rules of Canning :
Selection of vegetables and fruits: All fruits should be ripe, without damage or signs of spoilage.
Washing fruits: Make sure that all vegetables and fruits are well washed and free of contamination.
Dishes (containers) must be clean: Wash the container thoroughly and sterilize it if necessary.
Lids for closing jars: Make sure that the lids are intact and not damaged. And in order not to have any worries, choose our ForJars Lids.
With our lids, the canning process will become easier and faster. Therefore, choose us, and enjoy the process, without unnecessary worries.

The ForJars Canning Lids are made of high-quality metal, which prevents bending.
Stainless steel material is also added to the composition, which prevents the formation of rust.
The metal thickness is 0.18 mm versus conventional lids which have 0.10 -0.12 mm
Our lids behave perfectly under pressure and in a water bath, we test them personally!
ForJars lids have high-quality food-grade silicone that prevents leakage

Home-made preservation is a great way to preserve the taste of your favorite foods for a long time. With "ForJars" your favorite dishes are under reliable lids!